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Cloud services, also known as cloud or cloud computing, are a wide range of IT services. Their foundation builds a network of servers located around the world.

The phenomenon of cloud services is the ability to store, maintain and operate on unlimited amounts of data – without the need to own and maintain your own physical servers.

The many benefits of cloud solutions

Using the cloud to store and process data resources is not only about flexibility and high availability, but also, among others:
  • scalability of resources, i.e. invariably high quality of operation of systems and processes with a constantly growing number of processed files or number of users;
  • security of stored data – by creating backups in the cloud or fully eliminating tangible data carriers, the risk of total loss of data, often crucial for business operation, is reduced;
  • cost optimization – thanks to solutions such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service there is no need for supplying specialized and expensive equipment necessary for storing resources on tangible servers, e.g. in the company’s headquarters.

Our capabilities

Migration to the cloud

Regardless of what solutions you already have in your company, we will take care of the migration of your entire infrastructure. 

We will carry out the process in such a way that, depending on your decision, further operation and maintenance will be as easy as possible for your IT department.

Support and maintenance

If you do not have an IT department or its operation is not related to cloud services, we will take care of your infrastructure.

We will make sure that the cloud solution you choose allows you to optimize costs and processes.


If you are at the stage of considering the migration of your systems to the cloud, or cloud computing is not alien to you, but you are considering a change of provider – our team will prepare a comparison of services available on the market for you, taking into account all your needs and capabilities.

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